In the 1960s penguins started showing up on Martillo Island, on the private property of the Harberton Estancia. The majority are Magellanic penguins, which nest in the ground, as well as a small colony of Gentoo penguins, which nest on top of the rocks. There were even two King penguins who had lost their way, and looked rather distraught. It’s the first time they’ve been seen on the island.

Ushuaia, Argentina, December 2014.

DSC_4065 DSC_4122

DSC_4001 DSC_3962

DSC_4012 DSC_4081

DSC_3974 DSC_3986

DSC_4151 DSC_3969

DSC_3972 DSC_4196

DSC_3978 DSC_4242

DSC_4000 DSC_4014

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