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Friday Foto: Mom

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Pictured: Mother-daughter love on an old cannon off the coast of northern Spain

In honor of Mother’s Day, a tribute to the woman that spent many hours birthing this 10-pound baby (without an epidural or pain meds), whose only request after labor was a full turkey dinner.

Although my mom was not much of a traveler herself, she always encouraged me to go where my spirit led me, which is one piece of maternal advice I had no trouble following.

Ten years ago she got her first passport to travel internationally and visit me in Paris. A decade later, she’s visited me in Spain (twice) and Argentina (twice), and we’ve also gone to Ireland, Canada and Puerto Rico together. Now I feel like my job is done, setting free the travel baby I created as she goes on her first international trip without me as a guide/interpreter/planner.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there, especially mine, who still sends me care packages wherever I am in the world.

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  1. Caitlin Author

    <3 <3

    Where in northern Spain? Looks so serene 🙂

    • globetrotting gringa Author

      Hey Caitlin,
      Near Baiona – such a beautiful place!

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