Friday Foto

Friday Foto: Jappi Jalloween


Verín, 2012

In many countries around the world, it’s socially acceptable for adults to dress up in wild costumes, pretend they are something else and let loose every once in a while. In the USA, this often occurs on Halloween, or what one of my favorite columnists, Dan Savage, dubs Heteroween.

“Straight people in Brazil have Carnival, straight Northern Europeans have Fasching, straight people in New Orleans have Mardi Gras—all big public parties where straight people show their tits, shake their asses, and flaunt their sexualities. Booze companies attempted to make a national holiday out of Mardi Gras, without much success. But straight people seem to have made a collective unconscious decision to adopt Halloween instead.”

So as the parade of “sexy ____” heads out this weekend, let’s all remember that: 1) everyone needs a night to pretend they’re something else, free from judgment, 2) free candy from strangers is awesome (especially full size candy bars, no being stingy people!) and 3) NYC remains the best city in the world, because this exists thanks to this 15-second video. #pizzarat4ever


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