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Friday Foto: Figawi Fashion


Last weekend was the annual Figawi Regatta, a sail between Hyannis and Nantucket that has grown exponentially in scale since friends started the race Memorial Day weekend 1972. With the name itself arising from a drunken Boston accent, Where the fuck are we?, it’s no surprise that today hundreds of boats and over 1000+ sailors turn otherwise sleepy Nantucket into a dark and stormy-fueled orgy of sailors and coeds from New England.

Besides the boozy debauchery, 48-hour boat parties and surge pricing, Figawi also offers priceless people watching and preppy outfits taken to comical extremes. I think there should be a tumblr solely dedicated to the topic.

If going to Nantucket, especially over Figawi weekend, get ready to see:

– armies of girls in white pants

– men’s stitched trousers with lobsters/clams/palm trees/whales/clovers/American flags/etc.

– Nantucket reds from Murray’s Toggery Shop

– nautical stripes

– statement necklaces

– Mardi Gras-esque beads/sunglasses/tacky accessories

– American flag/patriotic apparel in many iterations

– sailing gear

– monogrammed anything

Standouts for me were:

Reagan Bush ’84 tanks

– drunk girls in Captain’s hats, which is so Rihanna 2013

Only sailors in the race get the prized Mount Gay Rum Figawi souvenir hat. With only three distributed per boat, they are coveted. Veterans know better than to wear it during race weekend, since people have been beat up for these coveted hats. On the other hand, no man on Nantucket has ever been beat up for wearing pastel stitched clam pants.

If you’re still confused when packing for your first Figawi, just combine anything from Tuckernuck, Lily Pulitzer, Sperry, Vineyard Vines, Lemon and Lime and J. Crew.

With 45 degree weather and 30 mph winds, I opted for the layers of warmest everything in my bag look, but a tip of my straw hat to all the ladies who suffered for fashion in see thru neon tops and white booty shorts. Those frozen sunset selfies were totally worth it!


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